El Poder Brutal

The brutal power, also called the devil’s face, is a sculpture, well known in Ecuador, carved in sheer rock covered with cement, on the side of a mountain beside a road. Represents Satan and is located on the road Alóag – Santo Domingo 5 km from the town of Tandapi, so it is also often called The Devil Tandapi. It is especially noted for its size and known as the route travels around Earth Guayaquil-Quito and vice versa.

It is a matter of curiosity to those circulating in the place, although it is neglected. The figure, which is 30 meters above ground, is 20 meters high and stands on top of a hill that overlooks the curve of the road. The face has two horns that rise above the forehead, pointed nose, mouth, half open, reveals two tusks. At the base is written the sentence in capital letters, “The brutal power.”

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