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Market Day in Saquisili, Cotopaxi

Saquisili is a small town in the province of Cotopaxi, with only around 5000 hab, but on Thursdays the population more than triples because of the market. It´s one of the great ecuadorian markets well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.Carrying 50 kgs of potatoes, as if it were 5 kgs.... Continue Reading →

Pailon del Diablo, (The Devils Cauldron), Baños

Baños in the province of Tungurahua is a small town, in the skirts of the Tungurahua volcano, an active volcano, a touristy place with loads of activities for all. 30 mins away in Rio Verde an amazing waterfall crashing through a small canyon. It´s easy to get to from Baños or  Puyo by bus or... Continue Reading →

Ilinizas NP

View of the Ilinizas This past Sunday the weather was amazing and we left home excited with such a blue sky with hardly a cloud and drove an hour or so to the NP of Ilinizas, these are twin peaks close to Quito, the  Illiniza Sur standing slightly taller than Illiniza Norte, its northern counterpart,... Continue Reading →

Granadero de Tarqui

Every Monday at 11 AM outside the Palacio del Carondelet, Quito the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard takes place. It is a formal event, with the Granaderos de Tarqui, and their beautiful horses parading around the Plaza Grande.  Here is one of the guards and his horse just before the beginning of the... Continue Reading →

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