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Ilinizas NP

View of the Ilinizas

This past Sunday the weather was amazing and we left home excited with such a blue sky with hardly a cloud and drove an hour or so to the NP of Ilinizas, these are twin peaks close to Quito, the  Illiniza Sur standing slightly taller than Illiniza Norte, its northern counterpart, at 5248 meters and 5126 meters respectively. We were not going to climb them, but hike a little and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and tranquility.

A detail of a tree at around 4000 mssl

As we drove past the entrance to the park the weather began to close in but that didn´t deter us in the slightest. We carried on driving until the car park at an altitude of 3960 metres above sea level.

We started to hike and here is when all the fun began as I turned around to look at the view and said Ít´s going to rain´.   Humpf´´ was the reply from my husband. Within minutes  the clouds came closer the daylight disappeared as it rapidly got darker and of course it started to rain. We walked back down towards the car and before arriving it started to hail. And while the storm raged over our heads we carried on walking and arrived at the car park.
This me me in the hail whilst we were waiting for it to stop before driving off.Blue Flowers after the storm on the  journey home


As the weather and light were bad I decided to converte the photos into black & white. We didn´t get much of a chance to take many photos but it was a fun excursion all the same. or follow us on facebook.

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