The Mama Negra

The Mama Negra is a Cotopaxi festivity twice a year in September and November with the main event being November. Its origin is lost in history, in a mixture of mestizo demonstrations : pagan and religious, indigenous, African and Spanish, the same as their characters, rituals, costumes, dance and music give life, retraced every year since the  XVII. In  XXI is a celebration that pays homage to the Virgen de la Merced on whom according to tradition, gratitude and appreciation for the protection in one of eruptive processes of the highest active volcano in the world, Cotopaxi.   (information from Mama Negra traditionally is a man dressed as a woman painted in black

El Angel de la Estrella, The Angel of the Star

Colourful dancers. One of the great things here is that you can get into the parade, you don´t have to stand on the side to take photos.  Basically you can get in the way!!!

El Moro. The Moor

El Abanderado.  The Flag Bearer.

More Colourful Dancing.

El Capitan. The Captain.

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