Uyuni, Salt Flat, Bolivia

Uyuni, Bolivia. was founded in 1890 as a trading post, the town has a population of 21,400. The town has an extensive street-market. It lies at the edge of an extensive plain at an elevation of 3,670 meters above sea level, with more mountainous country to the east. There is little agriculture in the area... Continue Reading →


These are the largest known Inca ruins in Ecuador. The most significant building is the temple of the sun, an elliptically shaped building constructed around a large rock. The building is constructed in the Incan way without mortar. The stones were carefully chiseled and fashioned to fit together perfectly. The temple of the sun was... Continue Reading →

Just for Laughs

Going through some old photos I took when in Africa, I remembered the fun I had taking the backsides of loads of animals. You may ask why the backsides? Simple, the animals where more interesed in running away than posing and photographing their nicer end was sometimes dificult so I came up with an alternative.... Continue Reading →

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