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Brief History of Photography

My three-year old niece enjoyed playing in the park, the light was great and her mother did not hesitate to take some pictures with her cell phone, chose some and shared on her Facebook, 150 km. away.  I could take a few minutes to see her grow, almost in real-time. It was not always so.... Continue Reading →

Macas, the capital of Morona Santiago Province, Ecuador

Macas is the capital of Morona Santiago province in southeastern Ecuador Macas lies in the Upano Valley overlooking the Upano river. Founded by the spanish in 1538 it was originally called Sevilla del Oro, but ´refounded´ Macas in 1599. View of the Upano River from the roof of the Cathedral. The city has a population... Continue Reading →


What is ISO and what does is mean. ISO is short for International Organizational Standard.  In the photographic world, ISO is most commonly referred to as a film rating system. In terms of film, ISO is used as a rating system to tell you how sensitive the film is to light, or how fast the film... Continue Reading →

Tena & Misahualli, Amazonia, Ecuador

Tena is the capital of the Napo province in the orient of Ecuador. At 420 metres above sea level and with around 35,000 habitants it is a small but delightful city. The main square of Tena It is known as the Cinnamon capital of Ecuador and originally founded by missionary explorers. It is a popular... Continue Reading →

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