Tena & Misahualli, Amazonia, Ecuador

Tena is the capital of the Napo province in the orient of Ecuador. At 420 metres above sea level and with around 35,000 habitants it is a small but delightful city.

The main square of Tena

It is known as the Cinnamon capital of Ecuador and originally founded by missionary explorers. It is a popular place to organize trips into the jungle, rafting and kayaking trips.

The union of the Rivers Tena and Pano, take from the pedestrian bridge.

At the confluence of the Tena and Pano rivers in the center of town lies a popular pedestrian bridge.

The pedrestrian bridge of Tena.

The rivers become the Tena River, which soon joins with the Misahualli and eventually flows into the Napo River. The Napo winds its way south into Peru, and is in effect the 9th largest tributary to the Amazon River.

The beach of Misahualli.

Close to Tena is Misahualli a small village and the first Amazonic port in Ecuador. From here you can visit the community of Shiripuno. Where you can learn the ways of the local women of the community.

The women of Shiripuno. Photo courtesy of Amelie Leman.

There are eco-cabins to stay overnight, handicrafts, dance and music, you can learn how to make chocolate, eat local food, pay a visit to the local shaman at the sacred stone.

The sacred stone. Photo courtesy of Amelie Leman.

Cacao drying on the roadside.

Learn how to  hunt and fish in the traditional ways of the kichwa people. If you have more than just a few days why not consider volunteering. It is a well worth place to visit if you decide to take a trip to the Amazon region of Ecuador.

Handicrafts made by the women of the Shiripuno Community. Photo courtesy of Amelie Leman.

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The monkeys is the main square of Misahualli are mischievous and funny, frequently stealing bottles of water, keys and anything else that catches their eye.

Friendly but naughty monkeys live in the main square of Puerto Misahualli.

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  1. Those are my favorite papaya’s I miss them so much!! I used to have them every morning for breakfast. Can’t get them where I live here. LOVE! I will be back!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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