Fill the Frame.

The Cross – Slight crop to achieve the composition I desired.

One of my favourite techniques is to fill the frame, that doesn´t mean I don´t like other techniques likenegative spacein photography but there is something special about this one. It means using a zoom lens, cropping in post processing or using your feet, your feet??? I have to walk? well yes, but how far depends on your situation with each photo you take, although there are times I recommend using a zoom lens, especially when it comes to wild animals, like lions, see below photo.

Couldn´t resist in leaving this one large. LOL . Believe it or not there is no crop on the lion photo, just a nice long zoom lens.

Filling the frame adds impact to the composition. You need to think more about the details. The sharpness of the photo, the reflections in the eyes, the mood of the photo.

Again, no crop, just used my feet to get in close for this photo.

If you are going to crop in post processing you should also consider what you will be doing with your image, as you won´t be able to print as large as if you have a full size image. So when you are in the process of taking the photo consider the final result.

The Lock – This was taken with a 50mm lens and then cropped

There will be times when a little background is visible, in which case think about it as you would any other composition.

I took this in studio conditions with artificial light and then cropped. The post processing was done in PS.


The sheep, I was lying down on the ground for this one, she looked at me attentively for a moment or two, enough to take this. no crop with this photo.

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