Bridge Cameras – Are they worth it?

First what is  a bridge camera? It is in between a compact camera and a DSLR camera, bridge cameras usually have super zooms, the lens is fixed, which means you can´t change it and put another lens on, but with the focal lengths available then why would you want to do this.

One of the main limitations is the size of the sensor, the sensor size is different on compact cameras, bridge camera and DSLR´s, and full frame DSLR´s have the largest sensor, even between some camera makers the sensor size can change, but what does this actually mean. Well that is a whole other post.
Another of the limitations is the noise; again this is also an effect of the smaller sized sensor.
Difficult shooting in low light.

Positives for bridge cameras:
Price, they are considerably cheaper than a DSLR.
Weight: as they are smaller, and you don´t need to carry much more around with you than the actual camera then you are cutting down on weight.
Quality: this has improved immensely over the last few years and can come up with some quality photos. Most often include the option to shoot RAW which is also an advantage.
There is often the option to add on filters to the lens with the lens.

You will have full manual controls as well as the auto and program options and they should also include plenty of presets.
The macro is definitely a plus on bridge cameras, you don´t need a special lens or extension tubes or close up filters.

But in my honest opinion, they are worth it. As long as you are aware of these limitations then you will get some superb photos. A bridge camera isn’t for everyone, so consider your needs before buying.

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