From My Garden – Day 29 – Onion

Day 29 Onion
The never ending onion flower, it just flowers and flowers day after day with no change.



From My Garden – Day 25 – Bees

Day 25 Bees

As you know we have some hives in our garden and after some recent rain one of our hives separated and we were able to catch them again as they stayed close by and regrouped in the corner of our property so we got out one of our empty boxes and put them inside.

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From My Garden – Day 24 – Butterfly

Day 24 – Butterfly

This was a great opportunity today, as the butterfly was sitting quietly on the window of our sun room, I waited for a while as I was rather busy and when I finished up what I was doing I got the camera out and put on the macro lens and the butterfly was still sitting there minding it´s own business. I got off a few shots and decided this was the best.