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Macro Photography

I love macro photography, I am terrible at it, specially the focus, but I really enjoy it, so I am going to dedicate the month of November to macro month. This way I should learn more about it. But is is not just about close ups and macro, I might add some photos that are... Continue Reading →

Harsh Light – Make the most of it

Harsh light is not the best for photography, but what happens when you don't have much choice? I think it is better to take photos any time of day is better than to take none at all.  And also it depends on your location. I, for example, live in Ecuador, living close to the equator... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk About Lenses

There are soooo many of them they can get a little confusing, from native lenses for your camera and third party lenses, also your budget needs to be taken in to account, etc.  the choices are a little overwhelming.  I am far from an expert on lenses, after all my budget is next to nothing... Continue Reading →

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