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Tutorial – Focus Stacking

So, long time since I have been around, but finally a cool tutorial – Focus Stacking. I actually got the idea from a great video from Greg Snell, thanks Greg for giving me an idea of what to learn while staying inside during a quarentine in Ecuador.

So I got my camera and took some photos, following Greg’s tutorial. And these are the results.

Watch the video for the full instructions, but you will need to learn how to change to focus on the camera and take various photos of the same subject without moving the camera.

Once you have done that you can add the photos to lightroom and edit until your hearts content.

Then select all the photos and open as layers in photoshop. Once you have them all open in photoshop go to edit – auto align layers, this opens a box, choose perspective and also geometric distortion.

Next without making any changes, choose edit – auto blend layers and make sure stack images is selected as well as the two boxes below, make sure these are selected.

Once this has been completed you can then flatten the image and save and this will take you back into lightroom.

In the photo of the wood stack and volcano Chimborazo I also edited out the cement pile which is to the left of the woodstack.

Here are some of the photos I took for this tutorial. With the finished edit also.

Here are some of the photos I took for this tutorial. With the finished edit also.

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