From My Garden – Day 39 – Milín

From My Garden – Day 39 – Milín

This grows like weed in certain parts of or garden and no matter how much we try to tame it it does as it pleases, just as well we like it. day-39

From My Garden – Day 19 – Honeybee

Day 19 Honeybee

We have three hives full of honey bees so there are all over our garden, they love the dandilions they are a favourite and we have loads of them.

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From My Garden – Day 12 – Capulí

Day 12

This is a blossom from a Capulí, this is a local tree, called Wild Black Cherry in english, see the wikipedia link here. It is very common here in Ecuador and we have loads of them in and around the garden. It has blossomed very early this year so we expect the fruit to be early also.

Nikon D7100, tokina macro lens,  1/2500, f/8, ISO 1000


From My Garden – Day 7 – Bud

This is the first in a series so we can follow the budding flower.

Out of nowhere suddenly this bud grew, ok, well we did plant this a few months ago but we thought it has died, so imagine our surprise when this popped up, we thought it is a Nardo (name in spanish) when we planted it, but we checked online and we decided it isn´t. so this is where we would like some help, Can anyone identify this bud, it is from a bulb, is is growing is sandy earth at high altitudes, 3000 masl.

Nikon D7100, nikkor 50mm lens,  1/8000,  f/2.8, ISO 500

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