Cotopaxi peeking out

Ecuador is full of legends about the volcanoes, in this case the Cotopaxi is one of them. The legend says that the Cotopaxi was in love with the Ilinizas north, who was already married to the Ilinizas south. The Rumiñahui volcano was friends with the Ilinizas south and told him of the adventure his wife was having, this destroyed the Corazon Volcano, who is the son of the Ilinizas , who cried to much the Quilotoa lagoon was formed. This is why the Cotopaxi is covered in clouds most of the time as he is ashamed of damaging the relationship between the Ilinizas north and south.

Mama Negra 2018 – Latacunga – Ecuador

This has to be one of the craziest, fun, colourful and wonderful festivities of the country. The Mama Negra, also known as the Santisima Tragedia de la Mama Negra. there are men dressed as women.

Men, dressed as women

Men, called Ashangueros, carrying huge pigs with licor, bread, chicken, and other food. These are a weight of 200 kgs.


Camisonas, the often carry a bag full of sweets to share with the crowd.


There is a lot of dancing, puro and joy.

El Angel de la Estrella

Happiness and joy all around

Tremendous amount of bands


EL Rey Moro




National Recreation Area El Boliche

One of the places we visit a lot is the El Boliche Recreation Area, this is one 30 mins drive away and provides us with quiet, sometimes we are the only people on the trails, which we enjoy, the isolation, the peacefullness and it is a great way to catch up and talk just the two of us.

It is located next to the National Park Cotopaxi. El Boliche is famous for its pine and cypresses plantations, that cover 200 hectares, and has almost completely replaced the moorlands. The first trees were planted in 1928 in what used to be Romerillos ranch, with the idea of recovering the eroded soil and to reforest the moorlands.

Alpacas live wild in the park

Those were other times: today we know that these plantations affect the soil and biodiversity of this ecosystem, and that the moorland needs to be filled with trees.

The train station at the entrance to the park

Next to this area is the “El Boliche” station of the Empresa de Ferrocarriles del Ecuador (Ecuadorian Railway Company), and thanks to it every weekend thousands of visitors arrive to experience the attractions that this protected area has to offer.

Polylepis tree on the side of the path

There are a variety of walks, none of them are all that long, and some only about 30 mins, which is great for those with younger ones.

At the start of one of the trails, view of the Ilinizas Volcano

In addition to the trails there is a space for camping, with bbq sites with roof, cabins some with and some without fire places and a play area.