From My Garden – Day 4 – Geraniums

Day 4 –  So far so good, still enjoying the challenge, just as well as there is still a long way to go. Today I took a photo of some geraniums we have in the garden, these are wild, we have never planted them, never watered them and they are nice and strong. This was a different sort of photo as I used a 70-300 mm lens (rather than a macro) and then cropped until I liked the composition.

Nikon 7100, 70-300 mm  Nikon lens, 85 mm,  1/640 secs. f/7.1, ISO 640,day-4


People who live on the Galapagos mainly work in tourism and a smaller percentage in fishing.  On the islands the unique ecological situation has forced the Galapagos to have a special law that prevents anyone who are not legal residents and authorizes maximum stay of 90 days each year. The result is unexpected human stories, illegal migrants seeking a better life are fundamental in areas such as construction, perform the hardest and most difficult and sometimes (not always but often) only receive as payment the claim of their own employers who take advantage of this to benefit his expulsion. The human tragedy for many is overwhelming, as many remain in hiding for years. They buy real estate, have children, even family businesses but  with no stability and are  always  worrying that any day the authorities may force them to go and leave everything behind.

La gente de Galápagos vive fundamentalmente del turismo y un menor porcentaje de la pesca artesanal. La delicada situación ecológica en las islas ha obligado a que Galápagos tenga una ley especial que impide trabajar a quien no es residente legal y autoriza permanencia de máximo 90 días cada año a turistas y visitantes. El resultado tiene matices humanos inesperados, migrantes ilegales en busca de mejor vida son pieza fundamental en áreas como la construcción, realizan los trabajos más duros y difíciles y en ocasiones (no siempre pero frecuentemente) solo reciben como pago la denuncia de sus propios jefes quienes se aprovechan de esta circunstancia para beneficiarse con su expulsión. La tragedia humana para muchos es inmensa, pues muchos permanecen durante años en la clandestinidad. Adquieren bienes, tienen hijos, familia incluso negocios pero ninguna estabilidad, siempre con la zozobra de que cualquier día las autoridades le obligaran a irse dejándolo todo.

  Santa Cruz Island, the largest population is in Puerto Ayora

San Cristobal Island, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, The Capital of the Islands. Unloading from the cargos shops that arrive frecuently.

Unloading from the cargos ships. Imagin unloading a bus or a car with this method.

One of the cargo ships. The ships come from Guayaquil, there are numerous ships undertaking the journey, they stay the neccessary time at each port then move on to the next, unloading and loading anything that need to to the mainland.

The Corner of the main square on Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island. the largest Island but a small population.

Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island, the streets are covered with sand.

The main tourist shopping street in Puerto Ayora, full of tourist shops selling all kinds of articles, from t-shirts to the most expensive jewelry and paintings.

Ecuavolley, a traditional sport played in Puerto Ayora daily.

The shoe mender, not a regular sight, but I got my shoes fixed, easy and cheaper than buying new ones on the islands.

There are some large buildings in Puerto Ayora, one of the sports centers. Also used for concerts and other events.

Building the steps, with a special finish of lava.

Unloading potatoes, beer, soft drinks and many other various goods.