Macro Month – Day 8 – Vegetables

Something different for today, rather than in the garden, I choose to photograph these wrinkly tomatoes and pepper, the light was not good and I wanted to use a higher shutter speed so I upped the iso for this one.

1/400 sec, ISO 1250, f/8, 90 mm macro lensDSC03916.jpg

Macro Month – Day 7 – The Hose Pipe

Busy day today, I had no time to actually go out and take a photo, so I am using one from last month, so not too old after all. The hose pipe, it was lying on the ground to the position was awkward, but with the help of the screen I took a few photos but in the end the vertical photo was my choice.

1/160 sec, ISO 160, f/2.8, 90mm

hose pipe
The hose pipe

Macro Month – Day 4 – Aloe Vera

A series of macro photos of our aloe vera from the garden, we were out walking in the neighbourhood a few months ago and found thrown on the road a couple of aloe vera plants which we picked up and took home and planted, they are thriving.

1/50 sec, ISO 160, f/13, 90 mm