Do you really need a new camera? Opinion

Yes, maybe, no, probably not.

Well, there is not a fixed answer to this, it is more of a budget choice, age of current camera gear, etc. but if you are in doubt, or like the majority of people, your budget just doesn’t give you enough leeway at the moment, then probably not.

So instead how about trying out new things with your current camera gear to spice up life a little. Maybe set yourself a monthly challenge. I am currently doing a macro month and will soon do a black and white challenge, this also will help me with my Photoshop and Lightroom skills. If you have any other ideas for themed months, please leave a comment. 

I would imagine that the majority of us really don’t need a new camera, but we are bombarded on a daily basis with new updates from the major camera makers, Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc with their new cameras, more expensive and faster lenses,  what they do and how much better they are than the models we already have. 

GAS – Gear acquisition syndrome

Even I am constantly viewing videos on you tube and blogs and Facebook posts by camera users and I am in awe at the amount of gear some photographers have, how much it must have cost them and what they they are going to buy next. Are all these people pro photographers or just do they have so much money that they have to spend it?

Sure, I would love a better camera, and some faster lenses, specially gear with faster auto focus but it is just not happening at the moment, maybe in the future after I have finished paying off the current gear I have.  

But lets just say you do go out and buy some new upgraded gear, does this make you a better photographer, probably not and as you will more than likely be out of money  and there won’t be many trips in the near future.

So the moral of the story or at least the moral of my opinion, make the most of what you have, learn to use it, what are it’s pro’s and con’s and this way you can become a better photographer, as well as learning to use an editing software. 

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Macro Month – Day 15 – Rose Bud

So, finding different photos from different angles is beginning to become a challenge at only half way through the month. But these rose buds should provide some interesting shots over the coming days. _DSC3950

Macro Month – Day 11 – Dandelion

We have dandelions all over our garden, so it goes without saying that one of these days I would tale a photo of one, but to get a different angle is the key. We have a huge hole in our garden, that one day will be a pond, so I went in and took this photo from a low angle, without having to lie down on the ground. The sky was grey and boring, but I like the slight high key look.


Macro Month – Day 9 – Feet

We all love our doggies, even more so when they are special like Nilo here, she is a rescue dog, but not from a rescue centre but from a rubbish bin, you know, one of those large container bins there is no chance she could jump or climb out of. We went to dump our rubbish one Sunday, I lifted up the lid and there she was, looking up at me with the most amazing eyes. We grabbed her and put her one the ground, expecting her to run off away from us, but she just cowered on the ground. I didn’t want another dog, after all, the week before we had just lost our beloved Chewie and I wasn’t ready to get emotionally envolved with another dog. But hubby said, lets take her. So here she is, in her favourite place, 4 months after rescue day, in the hammock chair. The photo of her in the chair was taken iwht a cell phone, the close up of the feet are the macro photos of the day.