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Chimborazo Volcano – The highest point from the center of the earth to the sun – Ecuador

This place is unique, cold, icy cold, with the wind blowing like you cannot imagine, and an altitude that leaves you breathless, but the views and the hike are so very impresive. The volcano is officially inactive but studies show that there may be an eruption in the future. We didn't climb to the summit,... Continue Reading →

Bulls in Ecuador

This is something that is very popular in the smaller towns during their local annual festivities. They corner off a small area with wooden posts and people drive their vans, trucks and sometimes even huge 18 wheelers for people to view the bulls from. Here are some photos from one of the local towns close... Continue Reading →

Cotopaxi peeking out

Ecuador is full of legends about the volcanoes, in this case the Cotopaxi is one of them. The legend says that the Cotopaxi was in love with the Ilinizas north, who was already married to the Ilinizas south. The RumiƱahui volcano was friends with the Ilinizas south and told him of the adventure his wife... Continue Reading →

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