Macas, the capital of Morona Santiago Province, Ecuador

Macas is the capital of Morona Santiago province in southeastern Ecuador Macas lies in the Upano Valley overlooking the Upano river. Founded by the spanish in 1538 it was originally called Sevilla del Oro, but ´refounded´ Macas in 1599.

View of the Upano River from the roof of the Cathedral.

The city has a population of around 14,000 inhabitants and along with Tena and Puyo serves as one of Ecuador’s main staging points for the colonization of the Amazon and the subjugation of its indigenous people. Plenty of tourist activities are available here. The Sangay Volcano provides  and trekking. The communities of Shuar and Macabea live close by. You can visit these communities to get an insiders view of life.

The active and mighty Sangay volcano overlooks the city with an altitude of 5230 masl.

The Sangay Volcano, showing it´s might.

The name of the city comes from the Macas tribe, the Cañari, who alongside the Huamboyas were the first to establish a friendship with the Spaniards.

There is a small but delightful park, along with butterfly garden and orchid garden. The sounds of the jungle are prominent here.

The inside of the Cathedral is stunning, the windows are all stained glass and each one tells a story.

Macas is around 1,070 masl, but still in the Amazon Region, the climate is not too hot and not too cold.

The ´Nuestra Señora Purísima de Macas´overlooks the city, every year a peregrination takes place.  The original Virgin is in the Cathedral.

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Yanacocha, Puyo, Pastaza, Ecuador

Yanacocha is an animal rescue center on the outskirts of the City of Puyo, Province of Pastaza, on the road to Tena. Owned and maintained by Ing. Jorge Flores who has converted his home into a special place for rescued animals.

The first chorongo baby born in captivity with the proud parents

He has a variety of species some of which are lucky enough to be returned to the wild once the animal has recovered. Others aren´t so lucky, they have to stay in captivity for the rest of their lives, but at least living at Yanacocha they can be assured of the best possible future.

Some of the animals have been rescued from the local Indians who often have kept the animals as pets who often mistreat them, these are often the ones that can never be released into the wild.

He has the only chorongo baby monkey that has been born in captivity in the whole of the country. There is also a baby tigrillo recently born.

I was unable to take a photo of the baby tigrillo, it was still very young to move around much and was very much under guard by the mother.

You can also volunteer at Yanacocha. If you have a few months to spare then check them out.  Click here to visit their web page.

Directions to Yanacocha. From Puyo take the Puyo – Tena  road. and the turn off is only a few kms. from Puyo, it´s well signed.



Sorry for not posting in the last couple of days, we have been extremely busy with work and other things but here you have a photo of a parrot in the Amazon region of Ecuador, he or she (not sure) was happy to pose while I took various photos of him / her, this was probably the best, with an unusual angle. By the way the parrot was at the unusual angle, not my camera.




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