Just for Laughs

Going through some old photos I took when in Africa, I remembered the fun I had taking the backsides of loads of animals. You may ask why the backsides? Simple, the animals where more interesed in running away than posing and photographing their nicer end was sometimes dificult so I came up with an alternative. I shot the backsides, I had great fun doing so and in my 5+ months on this amazing continent I took loads and loads of them. I would like to share a few.

I was only a few feet from this rhino, but I couldn´t exactly run around the otherside to see it´s face, so backside it was. This was during as walking tour in Zimbabwe, yes thats right, I was nowhere near a vehicle at the time. My heart was beating fast and the adrenaline was flowing, and unforgetable experience.

These two cuties were taking a stroll along the road, this time we were in a vehicle, and we had to wait for sometime before they let us pass. Mum was probably not too far away. Kenya.

This chap was part of a large family, again all walking away from us. Kenya.

Remember the Lion King? Pumbaa makes an entrance along this road in South Africa, they actually do smell bad,but  I thought they were rather cute.

Wow, there were so many more than I could get in with the current lens I had on my camera and no time to change, Kenya

This is just a cute photo, they were going nowhere, more interested in rubbing each others necks, but at the time, I could´t resist in getting my classic backside shot. Kenya.

I was at the tail end of the annual migration, so there were still loads of zebras and other animals in massive herds, another classic backside. Tanzania

Feeding the animals

Many locals have animals in their home, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, etc. Here your see a photo of a local, from a small village in the Cotopaxi province taking food to their animals, instead of taking the animals to the food, they go out collect the grass, carry it all on their back, a heavy load, to the animals, you see this a fair amount with the older people, the man in the photo was around 60+ . He will do this around twice a day. Crazy or what. But thats life here in Ecuador. This photo was taken from the moving car.

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