Macro Month – Day 9 – Feet

We all love our doggies, even more so when they are special like Nilo here, she is a rescue dog, but not from a rescue centre but from a rubbish bin, you know, one of those large container bins there is no chance she could jump or climb out of. We went to dump our rubbish one Sunday, I lifted up the lid and there she was, looking up at me with the most amazing eyes. We grabbed her and put her one the ground, expecting her to run off away from us, but she just cowered on the ground. I didn’t want another dog, after all, the week before we had just lost our beloved Chewie and I wasn’t ready to get emotionally envolved with another dog. But hubby said, lets take her. So here she is, in her favourite place, 4 months after rescue day, in the hammock chair. The photo of her in the chair was taken iwht a cell phone, the close up of the feet are the macro photos of the day.