Macro Month – Day 12 – Carnation

Carnation, love them, such lovely colours, this has been budding for a few days now and there are a few other buds around it, so I am sure there will be more photos of this carnation in the future.


Macro Month – Day 5 – Carnation Bud

We have some carnations in the garden, they are one of the few flowers that really thrive here, with buds all year round, so expect a series of these.

1/100 sec, 90 mm macro lens, ISO 640, f/11



Macro Month – Day 2 – Red Flower

Day two. I have no idea of the name of so many flowers so, I will often just call them by their colour. This particular flower is a favourite of one of the long tailed hummingbirds we have, but there is no way I can catch a photo of the bird and the flower, they don’t spend enough time feeding here.

1/160 sec, f/ 11, 90 mm, ISO 640



From My Garden – Day 22 – Just a cute little flower

Day 22 Just a cute little flower.

We have some of these flowers out front, they are very cute and make great macros. They are some of my favourite flowers that we have.

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