Macro Month – Day 4 – Aloe Vera

A series of macro photos of our aloe vera from the garden, we were out walking in the neighbourhood a few months ago and found thrown on the road a couple of aloe vera plants which we picked up and took home and planted, they are thriving.

1/50 sec, ISO 160, f/13, 90 mm


Macro Month Day 1

And here we are at the start of Macro Month – Day 1 – Apple blossom.

1/200 sec, ISO 320, 90 mm, f/8

We have an apple tree in the garden, it was planeted 3 years ago and still it does nothing, it is will only a couple of sticks, but the blooms are beautiful. And, no, there are no apples yet.

Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom