Paseo del Chagra, Tanicuchi, 2018

Tanicuchi is a small village not far from where we live, they celebrate their fiestas each July and August, they go on for three weeks, and during this time they have a great Paseo del Chagra. The best part of this day is the lasso competition. See some photos below.

4×4 in Ecuador

Most small towns and villages have their locals festivities and one of the events is 4×4. Today in Tanicuchi was no exception.  Tanicuchi is off the Panamerican Highway, around 1 1/2 drive south of Quito in the province of Cotopaxi. A makeshift piste was set up, zigzaging through stream which was diverted specially for the event, plenty of mud, loose dirt, spinning wheels, loud music, Pilsener (even though it´s Sunday afternoon), fritada, cueros, raspaditas and plenty of people to get in the way. (It´s amazing how many people like to walk on the piste especially when there is a fast 4×4 car hurtling towards them). Forget safety, I am sure loads of drivers have already had a few beers before getting into their cars and no police or ambulance in sight, but  it´s great fun and a cheap day out. (Actually entrance is free in most places). It´s also amazing that only around half of the cars actually finish the race. There was a variety of vehicles, motorbikes, quads and vitaras, monteros, pickup trucks, (even one that according to the rumours going around was 1 day old. I said he must have more money than brains, funny thing is he didn´t finish) and others. The first female driver I have seen competing, I have no idea in what place they finished but at least they finished.

Safety, whats that? I am going to compete in whatever clothes I happen to have on.

Waiting to compete, at least he has a helmet in his hand.

Most of the quads needed a good push to get out of the water.

There really is a quad in the middle of all this.

The diverted stream was suppposed to flow under a small bridge, except it was blocked and as time past, the water got deeper and deeper, many cars got stuck.

There were times I got a little close to the cars, or should I say they got a little close to me as the ground was rather muddy and slippery, they often had little control and were happily sliding around. Remember I mentioned the car that was 1 day old, well this was the result of the race. It didn´t finish. It´s a Toyota Hilux.

The water got deeper and deeper. This Vitara died here. It had to get  towed out.

A good push get him out of the mud.