Do you need an expensive camera? Opinion

No, the answer to the question is no. But do you want an expensive camera, probably. But there are many ways of taking beautiful photos with cheaper older cameras which do not require selling your kidney to enable you to buy it.

I am a fan of taking photos with what ever camera you can afford, surely it is better to enjoy the addiction rather than say you cannot afford the latest camera, or you can’t do that because your camera doesnt have the capability, etc, etc. Surely it is better to learn and understand your camera than go out and buy a better camera you can’t afford?

Each camera, whether it is expensive, cheap or medium priced will have it’s positive and negatives points, learn how to use these to your advantage, read the manual, learn the rules and then learn how to break them if you want.

You don’t need expensive lenses, or even a camera that changes lenses as I for one,  in the past have sold plenty of photos and printed large prints with some bridge cameras. Maybe they were not the best results, but hey, I have earned money from them. With time and more money I was able to buy cameras a little bit more expensive, which have better sensors and better specs than my previous cameras.

Will having an expensive camera help? Probably, but if you don’t know how to use it or never take it out of auto mode, then no, as I have never had a really expensive camera I can’t help you there, (I might in the future take a few photos with my cameras to do a comparison), but what I can say is watch this fun video from Peter McKinnon to help you make up your mind.

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Lets Talk About Lenses

There are soooo many of them they can get a little confusing, from native lenses for your camera and third party lenses, also your budget needs to be taken in to account, etc.  the choices are a little overwhelming. gear-lenses.159d91fc463dcc02c1d452b6090633f6

I am far from an expert on lenses, after all my budget is next to nothing and the lenses for my full frame Sony camera are incredibly expensive. You might have already read other bloggers saying that if you have invested in a full frame camera you need to invest in really good lenses,  you will also see so many blog posts, vlogs, facebook posts, etc that there are lenses you just have to buy,  16-35 for wideangle landscapes, 24-70 zoom lens, 70-200 zoom lens, 100-400 super zoom, prime lenses….. these are what most bloggers say you need. But do you really?

Well, if I had the money, I might just consider some of them, but as I don’t, I have a rather heavy SEL24240. weight 27.6 oz (780 g). What does that mean? The zoom goes from 24mm to 240mm. i find this lens to be great, not excellent, but great. But why did I go for this lens. First of all living in Ecuador I am limited to what I buy, it is difficult to buy lenses, and more difficult to buy third party lenses which can be cheaper. So how did I make this choice?


I thought about my purchase alot. After all there is a lot of money involved. But from what I think is important is what you are going to take with the lens you want to buy. So ask your self a few questions like: What do I enjoy photographing? Wildlife, landscapes, macro, travel photography, or a bit of everything, like me.

As I take a little bit of everything I found the mega zoom from 24-240 an ideal choice. Wide angle for landscapes, enough zoom for those elusive owls we have living in the tree and plenty of choice in between.

This of course is my opinion. Others will have theirs and they probably won’t agree with me, but for me, this is the perfect lens. And of course, no changing lenses to expose the sensor and fill it up with nasty dust. Win-Win.

But as most photographers say, the best camera you have is the one with you and with whatever lens you can afford. So go and shoot.