Pailon del Diablo, (The Devils Cauldron), Baños

Baños in the province of Tungurahua is a small town, in the skirts of the Tungurahua volcano, an active volcano, a touristy place with loads of activities for all. 30 mins away in Rio Verde an amazing waterfall crashing through a small canyon. It´s easy to get to from Baños or  Puyo by bus or car. There are various different short walks to view the Pailon and on this occasion we decided to view it from the top.  Walking only 5 or so mins from the bridge of Rio Verde, through the rich vegetation of the area to view this powerful sight. Here I am viewing the top of the waterfall.



Stairs with a view!!!!


View from the top, below is the other access point to view the bottom of the waterfall.


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