From my garden – Day 5 – Silhouette

This was a difficult one to get, lying flat on my tummy, looking into the setting sun, camera in hand with two adorable (hahaha) dogs running around and jumping on me and the flowers. I know it i not the best of photos, but I like it, I might, I say might, because I also might not, try another one of these in the future.

Nikon 7100, macro lens 100 mm, 1/500, f/11, ISO 100

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From My Garden – Day 4 – Geraniums

Day 4 –  So far so good, still enjoying the challenge, just as well as there is still a long way to go. Today I took a photo of some geraniums we have in the garden, these are wild, we have never planted them, never watered them and they are nice and strong. This was a different sort of photo as I used a 70-300 mm lens (rather than a macro) and then cropped until I liked the composition.

Nikon 7100, 70-300 mm  Nikon lens, 85 mm,  1/640 secs. f/7.1, ISO 640,day-4