Macro Month – Day 23 – Plum

A plum today, bear in mind that this fruit is actually rather small, along  with the tree and in the past the plums haven’t even had time to grow as the birds enjoy them before us. 

Macro Month – Day 17 – Flower

There has been loads of rain recently after months of dry. Suddenly this flower popped up from the nothingness. ( is that even a word) almost over night. It is rather a beautiful flower and it doesn’t last long and if I can get it right there will be some more photos of it over the coming days. 

Macro Month – Day 11 – Dandelion

We have dandelions all over our garden, so it goes without saying that one of these days I would tale a photo of one, but to get a different angle is the key. We have a huge hole in our garden, that one day will be a pond, so I went in and took this photo from a low angle, without having to lie down on the ground. The sky was grey and boring, but I like the slight high key look.