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Chimborazo Volcano – The highest point from the center of the earth to the sun – Ecuador

This place is unique, cold, icy cold, with the wind blowing like you cannot imagine, and an altitude that leaves you breathless, but the views and the hike are so very impresive.

The volcano is officially inactive but studies show that there may be an eruption in the future. We didn’t climb to the summit, there is no way I am interested in doing this, we started at the car park at the Carrel hut (4850m) and hiked to the second hut, Whymper Hut at 5000 m and then on the to the Laguna Condor Cocha at 5100m above sea level.

The Volcano which is a nature reserve is about 2 hours drive from home, so we got up early one morning with the hope that the weather would be good. We had no idea how good it would be.

As we drove along the clouds cleared to show us the majestic Chimborazo.
The car seems so small in comparison.
Vicuña on the side of the road.
A small groups of vicuñas shadowed by the volcano.

All of the above photos were taken from the road side, it just goes to show the beauty of the area.

At the entrance to the park
Driving up to the Carrol Hut at 4850 masl
A memorial close to the Carrol Hut.

So we haven {t even started walking yet and we are taken away with the views. The weather is just perfect, but so, so cold, we had no idea that we were going to take on this walk up to the Whymper Hut at 5000m and I would have liked some better clothing for this. But… was no way we were going to not do it. We can warm up later. So, off we go.

If you look closely, you can see the Whymper Hut.
Slowly the hut is getting closer. But the going is tough
Finally at the Whymper Hut

Inside ther hut there are some basic facilities and a most welcoming hot chocolate which was delicious. It is the highest altitude I have had a hot chocolate in my life.

After a break we continue the hiking, now going on up to 5100m to the Laguna Condor Cocha.

Wifi- Really? At this altitude and distance from everything, I have no idea if it worked or not.

The short hike to the Laguna Condor Cocha was not so difficult or very far. With some more stunning views.

Laguna Condor Cocha at 5100masl

This was the highest you are allowed without an official guide for the summit. The lagoon was half frozen, beautiful and eerie.

From here we started the walk back down, enjoying the views we didn’t see when we walked up. The legs are knees were struggling a little during the return.

The Carrol Hut from above.

And that was the end of the day trip. Back to the car and back home, tired but exhilarated. Below is a video I did from the trip.

Thanks for reading.

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